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Call for Submissions: Workshop #5 of the World Congress of Constitutional Law on ‘Constitutional Responses to Terrorism.’ 18 – 22 June Seoul 2018.

The 10th World Congress of Constitutional Law will be held in Seoul, South Korea from the 18-22 of June 2018.


Chairs: Prof. Kim Lane Scheppele, Prof. Federico Fabbrini

Coordinator: Prof. Arianna Vedaschi

We are very pleased to remind that submissions for Workshop #5 on “Constitutional Responses to Terrorism” are welcomed until March 30, 2018. Scholars of all levels, included PhD candidates, whose field of research is law or related disciplines, are invited to submit their abstracts (in English or French) by sending an email to The basic form for sending proposals can be found here: Proposals will be reviewed by the Workshop Chairs and Coordinator. Senders will be informed of whether their abstracts have been accepted or not within two weeks from submission deadline. Proponents whose abstracts are accepted will have to submit a full paper by May 1, 2018.

The aim of Workshop #5 is to take stock of the current situation in relation to antiterrorism policies and to assess new tools, developed with a view to fighting the ever-changing and multi-faceted threat posed by international terrorism. In particular, Workshop #5 will explore whether anti-terrorism measures are succeeding in achieving their overarching goals, i.e. the protection of national security and, at the same time, of fundamental rights, or whether, in some cases, these policies’ purposes are suffering from some relevant drifts. Such abuses of anti-terrorism measures will be analysed and discussed, in order to understand whether democratic countries are managing to keep their constitutional identity and related guarantees of the rule of law, in spite of the impending terrorist menace.

To this aim, Workshop #5 welcomes submissions that resort to the comparative method, but also those focused on the situation in a particular country as well as those adopting a supranational or transnational perspective. The purpose of this Workshop is to put together scholars of different countries, legal cultures and experience, allowing them to share and discuss their views on an issue that is becoming more and more a topical one (see recent pieces of scholarship here and here).

In order to welcome as many participants as possible, the most innovative and interesting abstracts, among the submitted ones, will be selected for oral presentation; nonetheless, we want to give the chance to be discussed also to other proposals. In light of this approach, abstracts that are not chosen to be orally presented by proponents, but whose content is coherent with the topic of the Workshop and present captivating ideas, will be summarized by the Coordinator of the Workshop, acting as a rapporteur. Of course, proponents of these abstracts will be invited to join the Workshop and, above all, to participate in the debate. 

As is widely known, “Constitutional Responses to Terrorism” is an established permanent Research Group within the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL), which has consistently takken part in past World Congresses (Mexico City 2010, Oslo 2014) and organized thematic conferences (you can find here the report of the latest conference on “Human Dignity and Human Security in Times of Terrorism, organised jointly by the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and the Research Group and was held in The Hague, Holland, on December 14, 2017). Consequently, within the Seoul Congress, we also wish to discuss and develop findings emerged during such past events, in order to enrich them through new ideas and perspectives, contributing to the enhancement of an internationally active group of experts on counter-terrorism, able to build fresh and innovative understandings on the matter.

Good luck with drafting your abstracts! We are very looking forward to receiving them and we hope to see you attending our Workshop in Seoul!

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