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Catalonia and the Rule of Law

Readers of the IACL Blog will be familiar with the recent events in Catalonia discussed here by Argelia Queralt and here by Martin Scheinin.

In the interest of further informing the readers of the IACL Blog about this debate, we link to a number of recent public statements by European scholars.

On 31 October, a letter by a large group of important European scholars was published in draft here (and in final form here) criticising events in Spain and raising concerns about the rule of law in the European Union.

A response written by Francesc de Carreras and Josu de Miguel, Professors of Public Law at the University Autonomous of Barcelona has been published here with a long list of signatories among them some of the most important Spanish experts in Public Law.  The response provides relevant information and discusses the constitutional dimensions of the events with reference to Spanish Constitutional Law and disputes the claims of rule of law violations contained in the first letter.

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