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Launching the 2018 IACL World Congress

2017CongressLogoToday, we launch the website for the IACL World Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 18-22 June 2018. It is available in English and French.

This blog post provides an overview of the whole event, including how to register and submit expressions of interest in presenting a paper at a workshop. Future posts will look in more detail at the rich array of activities that delegates will enjoy.

If you’re Tweeting about the congress, please use the hashtag #IACLSeoul2018 and follow us @iacl_aidc.

The IACL Congress takes place every four years, attracting hundreds of academics, judges and practitioners from across the world. The Congress is co-produced by a South Korean Organizing Committee and a programme commission of members of the IACL executive committee.

In 2018, the theme is: Violent Conflicts, Peace-Building and Constitutional Law. 

Panels of distinguished experts will lead discussion and debate of the Congress themes in four plenary sessions.

  • Plenary 1: War and Peace in Modern Constitutional Law. Moderated by Giussepe de Vergottini, the speakers will include Tom Ginsburg (USA), Dieter Grimm (Germany), Mireille Delmas-Marty (France) and Wen-Chen Chang (Taiwan)
  • Plenary 2: Constitutional Responses to New Types of Violent Conflicts – Terrorism, Secession, State of Urgency, Peace-Building. Moderated by César Landa, the panel will include Diane Desierto (USA and the Philippines) and Vincent Desportes (France).
  • Plenary 3:  Constitutional Challenges of the Migration Processes– Sovereignty, State Borders and Human Rights. Moderated by Cheryl Saunders, the speakers will include Marie-Benedicte Dembour (UK), Walter Kalin (Switzerland), Albert Hung-Ye CHEN (Hong Kong).
  • Plenary 4: The Judges’ Panel, moderated by Lech Garlicki (former member of the European Court of Human Rights), will include Roberto Caldas (President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights), Rosie Abella (Supreme Court of Canada), Nicole Beloubet (Conseil Constitutionnel, France), Kang Ilwon (Constitutional Court of Korea), Jacek Chlebny (Supreme Administrative Court, Poland), Daphne Barak-Erez (Supreme Court of Israel).

Twenty workshops will provide delegates with opportunities for structured conversations on topics related to the overarching theme. Instructions on how to express of interest in participating in workshops are on the Congress website. The working languages of each workshops are English and French. The format of each workshop will be determined after papers have been reviewed, the themes identified and number of participants is known. We’ll be previewing each workshop in future blog posts.

  1. The Debate on Establishment of the World Constitution
  2. Abuse of the Constitution in Times of Emergency
  3. State of Emergency
  4. Parliamentary Control of Military Engagements
  5. Constitutional Responses to Terrorism
  6. Judicial Review during Violent Conflicts
  7. Constitutional Rights Protection in times of Emergency
  8. Freedom of Speech under Stress: Speech and Press Freedoms in times of Conflict, Violence and Rising Authoritarianism
  9. Financial Crisis and Constitutional Responses
  10. Children in Violent Conflict Zones
  11. Women and Violence in Areas and/or Times of Conflict
  12. Transnational Solidarity and Justice in Times of Crisis
  13. Human Dignity and the Right to Asylum from Persecution
  14. Constitutional Amendments under Crisis
  15. Illiberal Democracies
  16. Conscientious objection, religion and the constitution
  17. Economic Crisis and Migration Crisis:
  18. Challenges for the “Social State”
  19. New Democracies and Challenges to the Judicial Branch
  20. Violent Conflicts, Peacebuilding and Constitutional Law

There will also be six open workshops on topics unconnected to the Congress theme. In this “bottom-up” initiative, a delegate may propose a workshop by following the procedure described on the Congress website.

Meetings of the IACL research groups are provisionally scheduled for the afternoon of 20 June 2018.

Please visit the Congress website for further details about registration. We’ll be publishing regular updates on the IACL blog, on Twitter (@iacl_aidc) and Facebook. #IACLSeoul2018

2 comments on “Launching the 2018 IACL World Congress

    January 28, 2018

    I just saw the post for the Congress. Has the call for papers closed? I would like to write on one of the topics.


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