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Book: The ‘State’ of Pivot States in South-Eastern Mediterranean: Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and Tunisia after the Arab Spring, edited by Loretta Dell’Aguzzo and Emidio Diodato

pivot states


The aim of this book is to examine the “state of pivot states” in the south-eastern Mediterranean region after the Arab Spring. Due to historical, geographic, strategic and cultural factors, it is possible to consider Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Tunisia as decisive to the fate of this region.

Since the Arab Spring, the south-eastern Mediterranean has entered into a period of changing power configurations, and developments prompted by the 2011 mass uprisings influenced both the internal and external stability.

The thesis of the book is that domestic, and especially, regime stability is the main factor accounting for the ‘pivotness’ of a given State and that changes in this dimension influence foreign policy decisions.

However, the international and comparative context also feeds into the domestic politics in a never-ending process. Thus, internal and external dimensions are in a dialectic relationship.

For this reason, the four chapters included in this volume analyze constitutional and political changes and challenges in three key dimensions, namely the domestic, regional and comparative arenas.

ISBN: 978-88-99811-03-7 [epub/pdf online]
ISBN:978-88-99811-06-8 [print]

By Francesco Duranti, contributor to the edited volume and Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law, Università per Stranieri di Perugia (Italy)

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