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IACL National Association Profile: Staatsrechtkring / Dutch Association of Constitutional Law

An important aspect of the International Association of Constitutional Law’s role is to be an ‘association of associations’, working with national and regional bodies to develop a network of constitutionalists from countries throughout the world and providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information about constitutional systems.

In the fifth in a series of profiles of associations affiliated to the IACL, this blog post outlines the work of the Staatsrechtkring, the Dutch association of constitutional law.  The purpose of the profiles is to raise awareness of the work of national and regional associations, to share innovations and help build contacts.


Staatsrechtkring / Dutch Association of Constitutional Law

The Staatsrechtkringfounded in 1990, is the Dutch association of constitutional law. The association brings together more than 300 scholars and practitioners and aims to further the academic study of constitutional law and promote public debate about constitutional issues in the Netherlands.


The association’s 13-person executive board consists of chairs of constitutional law of all law faculties in the Netherlands as well as representatives of the constitutional law divisions at the Dutch ministries of the Interior and of Justice. Professor Henk Kummeling (Utrecht University) has been chair of the board since 2015. He is also the Dutch representative on the IACL council. The Staatsrechtkring can be reached by contacting Dr. Sandor Loeffen, secretary of the board.

Membership and Subscription

Individual membership costs 40 euro per year and includes a subscription to TvCR, the Dutch peer-reviewed journal for constitutional law. The journal is published quarterly by Wolf Legal Publishers in partnership with the Staatsrechtkring. TvCR provides academic articles, discussions of topical issues and new legislation, reports on foreign law, as well as book reviews. The editors accept contributions written in Dutch or English.

Awards and Activities

The association also sponsors a triennial award for the best Ph.D. dissertation for the best in the field of constitutional law defended at a Dutch university, as well as an annual master’s thesis award. The awards are presented during the annual Staatsrechtconferentie, the national conference on constitutional law, taking place in December and organized alternately under the auspices of one of the associated university departments. Other activities organized by or in association with the Staatsrechtkring include a yearly spring symposium, a bi-annual student model parliament competition, a young researchers day and a periodic meeting on constitutional law teaching.

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