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IACL Regional Association Profile: The Arab Association of Constitutional Law

An important aspect of the International Association of Constitutional Law’s role is to be an ‘association of associations’, working with national and regional bodies to develop a network of constitutionalists from countries throughout the world and providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information about constitutional systems.

In the fourth in a series of profiles of associations affiliated to the IACL, this blog post outlines the work of the Arab Association of Constitutional Law.  The post is authored by Yousra Chatti, coordinator and of the AACL and PhD Student in Law at Faculty of Juridical, Political and Social Sciences at Tunis. The purpose of the profiles is to raise awareness of the work of national and regional associations, to share innovations and help build contacts.


The Arab Association of Constitutional Law

President: Sufian Obeidat:

Secretary General: Mahmoud Hamad:


In the years following the Arab spring, the Arab Association of Constitutional Law was created to provide solutions to the constitutional issues in the MENA region. It seeks to address these through gathering the most dynamic experts, academics and researchers in constitutional law.


Since its establishment in 2013, the AACL has organized several events a year, often in collaboration with other organizations and institutions, in particular International IDEA (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance). These have included regional conferences (Morocco, Beirut, Tunisia, Cairo, etc.) and roundtables (Fez, Oran, etc.) across the MENA region.

Academy of Constitutional Law

The major activity of the AACL is the Academy of Constitutional Law. This Academy aims at enabling 6 to 8 fellows from the MENA region to work together on a joint research project and with international experts.

The Academy is held in Tunis every year with a different topic to contribute to the debates relating to constitutional dilemmas. Given that the constitutional role and control of the security sector is still a major issue in the Arab Region, the AACL organized the 2nd edition of the Academy on ‘The Security Sector and Constitution’. Currently, the preparations of the 3rd edition of the AACL Academy are well underway.

Conference: Religion and State

A recent event of the AACL was a conference on ‘Religion and State’ with the collaboration of the Tunisian Association of Constitutional Law and the Islamic Legal Studies Program: Law and Social Change at Harvard Law School, and the support of International IDEA.

Contact Details



Phone: + 216 31 197 377

Address: Lac II, Corduba Building, A 1.2, Tunis, Tunisia

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