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IACL Roundtable: Constitutional Adjudication: Traditions and Horizons


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IACL Roundtable
LUISS Guido Carli University, Viale Pola 12, Rome

May 5–6, 2017 


The International Association of Constitutional Law IACL and LUISS University are co-organizing a Roundtable with the participation of distinguished academics and judges from different Supreme and Constitutional Courts from all over the world.

The Roundtable will focus on constitutional adjudication on a comparative basis, with a special emphasis on constitutional adjudication, social movements, justice, morality and politics.

The general program also includes a young scholar workshop, where scholars selected through a call for papers from all over the world will present their research on constitutional adjudication.

For a .pdf version of the program, including further details of the junior scholars’ conference, please see here.


Friday, May 5

9:00 am

Three Parallel Panels on “Constitutional Adjudication, between Pluralism and Unity” — Rooms 12, 13 and 14
Chairs: Raffaele Bifulco, Nicola Lupo, Bernardo G. Mattarella LUISS

First session — Aula Magna, ‘Mario Arcelli’

15:00 pm

Paola Severino LUISS Rector
Manuel José Cepeda Espinosa IACL President
Susanna Mancini Italian Member of the IACL Executive Committee

 15:30 pm

Panel I – Boundaries of Constitutional Adjudication 

Rosalie Abella, Supreme Court of Canada, ‘The Judicial Role in a Constitutional Democracy’
Giuliano Amato, Constitutional Court of Italy, ‘When the Balancing of the Court Supersedes the Balancing of the Parliament. Is It a Case of Trespass?’
Jamal Greene, Columbia Law School, USA, ‘A Private Law Court in a Public Law System’
Nicola Lupo, LUISS University, ‘When Courts Are Called to Protect Parliaments, Supporting the Reasons of Representative Democracy’
Robert Post, Yale Law School, USA, ‘Theorizing Disagreement:  Reconceiving the Relationship Between Law and Politics’

Daria de Pretis Constitutional Court of Italy


Saturday, May 6

 Second session — Sala delle Colonne

 9:30 am

 Panel II – Social Movements and Constitutional Adjudication: Global and Local

Manuel José Cepeda, Espinosa Law School, University of Los Andes, Colombia, ‘Responsive Constitutional Adjudication and Social Mobilization’
Silvana Sciarra, Constitutional Court of Italy, ‘On the Road Again: Adjudication of Social Rights in the Aftermath of the Crisis’
Reva Siegel, Yale Law School, USA, ‘Same-Sex Marriage and Backlash: Consensus, Conflict, and Constitutional Culture’
Susanna Mancini, University of Bologna, SAIS Johns Hopkins University, ‘The Other Dialogue: Transnational Right-Wing Movements and Global Constitutionalism’
Raffaele Bifulco, LUISS University, ‘Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union: Perspectives and Limits’

Cesare Pinelli Sapienza University Rome

Third session – Sala delle Colonne

15:00 pm

Panel III: Constitutionalism, Politics, Morals and Proportionality

Daphne Barak-Erez, Supreme Court of Israel, ‘Proportionality and Values’
Marta Cartabia, Constitutional Court of Italy, ‘The Many and The Few: Conscientious Objection and Religious Accommodation’
Gábor Halmai, European University Institute, Florence, ‘With a Little Help from My Friends. The Hungarian Constitutional Court on the Government’s Constitutional Identity Defense’
Vlad Perju, Boston College Law School, USA, ‘Universal Norms in Constitutional Law’
Michel Rosenfeld, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, USA, ‘Justice, Proportionality, and Identity: In Quest of Fair Accommodation of the Singular, the Plural, and the Universal’

Giuseppe de Vergottini, University of Bologna

Registration required by May 1. To register click here

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