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Event: First National Conference about Fundamental Rights, Peru


logopucpThe “First National Conference about Fundamental Rights” is being organized by the Department of Constitutional Law at the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, the THEMIS Civil Association and sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in the framework of the objectives of the INTER-AMERICAN NETWORK ABOUT FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY (RED-IDD).

It should be noted that one of the objectives of the RED-IDD is to elaborate periodical themed events on issues related to fundamental rights and the development of democracy

This year the event is going to bring together international and national experts to participate in six tables; in which themes like the fundamental rights to public safety and personal freedom, freedom of expression and new technologies and indigenous peoples and extractive industries will be addressed. Likewise, issues such as secularism, corruption and constitutional jurisdiction against poverty will be discussed. Also, a contest will take place in order to select four panelists that will be invited to take part of each thematic table.

Dates: This event will be held thru September 29th to October 1st of this present year, in Lima, Peru. It will take place at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.


First day: Thursday 29th, September

  • Thematic table No.1: Personal freedom and public safety
    • Keynote speaker: René Provost (McGill University – Canada)
    • Coordinators: Abraham Siles and Abraham García
  • Thematic table No.2: Freedom of expression and new technologies
    • Keynote speaker: Mar Aguilera Vasqués (University of Barcelona – Spain)
    • Coordinators: César Landa and Carlos Hakansson

Second day: Friday 30th, September

  • Thematic table No.3: Fundamental rights and fight against corruption
    • Keynote speaker: José Ugaz (PUCP – Peru)
    • Coordinators: David Lovatón and Eduardo Luna Cervantes
  • Thematic table No.4: Right of indigenous people and extractive industries
    • Keynote speaker: Francisco Eguiguren (PUCP – Peru)
    • Coordinators: Pedro Grández and Richard Llacsahuaga

Third day: Saturday 1st, October

  • Thematic table No.5: Social rights and constitutional jurisdiction
    • Keynote speaker: Ralf Poscher (Freiburg University – Germany)
    • Coordinators: Elena Alvites and Erika García Cobián
  • Thematic table No.6: States, rights and secularism
    • Keynote speaker: Renaud Bourget (La Sorbonne University – France)
    • Coordinators: Daniel Soria and Marco Huaco

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