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IACL blog update, August 2015

The IACL blog has been taking a break over the (northern hemisphere) summer. We will be back full-time in September. In the meantime, a round up of activities …

Contributions to the blog invited

Contributions to the blog on IACL-related matters are welcome. A blog post should normally be between 600-1200 words. It can be in English, French or Spanish. Blog posts will be published in the original language, without translation. Details here. We invite posts about IACL-affiliated national associations, research groups and activities of members.

Future IACL events

The next IACL Roundtable (with an executive committee meeting) will be in Athens on 13-14 November 2015 on “The sovereign debt revisited by Constitutional and International Law”. Details here. For further information or to register to participate in the roundtable, please contact Miss Alessia Fiumi (e-mail address: Phone number: +30 210 72 58 801 ext. 104).

Another roundtable (without an executive committee meeting) will be held in Marrakech on 11-12 March 2016. Outline here (in French). Further information will be published at a later date.

Research groups

In June and July, the IACL research group on Constitution-Making and Constitutional Change published blog posts on the Greek referendum. Read them here and here.


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