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IACL national association profile: The Israeli Association of Public Law

An important aspect of the International Association of Constitutional Law’s role is to be an ‘association of associations’, working with national bodies to develop a network of constitutionalists from countries throughout the world and providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information about constitutional systems.

IsraelAssocIn the third in a series of profiles of national associations affiliated to the IACL, this blog post (by Dr Yaniv Roznai
Secretary General, The Israeli Association of Public Law and Post-Doctoral Fellow, Hauser Global Law School, NYU) outlines the work of the Israeli Association of Public Law. The purpose of the profiles is to raise awareness of the work of national associations, to share innovations and help build contacts.

President: Justice (ret.) Dorit Beinisch, former President of the Israeli Supreme Court

Chair: Professor Suzie Navot

Secretary: Dr Yaniv Roznai

Treasurer: Adv. Eliyahu Ben-Tovim

Mission statement. The Israeli Association of Public Law (IAPL) aims to promote public law – both constitutional and administrative – in Israel and to protect its core principles and values. The association is a registered non-profit organization and all posts are held on a voluntary basis.

Membership: about 130 members. Annual membership costs 150NIS (or 50NIS for students, interns and “young” lawyers). There is a 19-member board comprised of leading jurists from academia and legal practice.

Leadership: The IAPL is led by its President, Dorit Beinisch, former President and Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel. Professor Suzie Navot serves as Chairperson and Dr Yaniv Roznai as Secretary.

Website: Facebook: העמותה למשפט ציבורי

Events: the IAPL organizes several events a year, often in collaboration with other institutions. The IAPL actively seeks to broaden and deepen the public and academic discourse on issues related to public law. The association’s flagship program, its annual conference, brings together leading practitioners and scholars of Israeli law to examine and discuss timely topics involving public law. For example, in 2011, one of the main panels focused on the constitutional meaning and implications of the Jewish State; and in 2013, panels were dedicated to the national duty to serve in the military, as well as to issues related to immigration and family reunification. In 2015, panels were dedicated to legal restrictions of military activities, freedom of expression during emergencies, foreign precedents in the Supreme Court of Israel, the prosecution of public figures and equality before the law, and the dialogue between the Supreme Court and the Knesset (The Israeli Parliament). Approximately 200 people attend the conference each year – to listen, learn, explore and share their thoughts on these crucial topics and others, engaging in substantive debate that is often picked up by the media.

A recent event was the second annual Netanya conference for constitutional law which took place on 3 May  2013, in collaboration with Netanya College School of Law. The conference, which brought together leading academics from across Israel, focused on failures within the election process in Israel and with proposed amendments to the Israeli Basic Laws.

Other activities: The IAPL supports research and activities related to public law. It awards annually prizes (“The Gorney Prize”) in three categories: outstanding activities in the field of public law; outstanding young scholars in public law; and outstanding activities of Human Rights Organizations. The IAPL also recently launched a young leadership forum which aims to bring together young scholars and practitioners of public law. As part of the forum’s activities, we aim to organize an annual workshop where young scholars can present their work in a friendly, supportive and productive professional environment.

History: The IAPL was established in 1988 by Prof. Itzhak Zamir, its first chairperson, who was a Professor of public law at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, former Attorney General of Israel and former Supreme Court Justice. The association’s first President was the leading constitutional scholar, the late Prof. Itzhak Hans Klinghofer. Prof. Shimon Shetreet, who held several government ministries, was its first secretary. These well-esteemed early leaders were followed by long line of eminent jurists, including Justice (ret.) Dalia Dorner, Justice (ret.) Eliahu Mazza, Prof. Claude Klein, Prof. Barak Medina, Prof. Daphne Barak-Erez, Prof. Ariel Bendor and Prof. Yoram Rabin.

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